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Enjoy our June 2014 GH4 test :) With a Blackmagic shootout.

Project-Definition | Under the Sun from Project-Definition on Vimeo.

A small video I did for a friend of mine as he is on his way to sell this Honda Civic.
Clean car and great guy!

If you are interested in purchasing or wanting more information on this car, PM me and i’ll point you towards the right direction.


Andrew Linga

GAME OF THRONES: Scanline VFX Shot Breakdowns Reel from ScanlineVFX on Vimeo.

A look at Scanline VFX’s Wight Attack Sequence in GAME OF THRONES, which received 19 Emmy nominations, including a nomination for Outstanding Special and Visual Effects.

Building a better Zombie - MPC’s World War Z podcast from MPC on Vimeo.

In this podcast, MPC CG Supervisor Max Wood describes how MPC’s teams created the crowds of Zombies in the Jerusalem sequence for World War Z.
Music - “Hellzauber” from the album “Epic Music” by Phil Rey.- 2011

BMW i8 Test from V12media on Vimeo.

Die Revolution im Sportwagensegment. Der BMW i8 ist ein Plug-in Hybrid der 37 Kilometer (bis 120 Km/h) rein elektrisch fahren kann. Zusammen mit dem 3 Zylinder 1.5 Liter Motor leistet er 362 PS. Der “Eco-Sportwagen ist ab 162’200 CHF erhältlich.

Audi R8 V10 Plus Evolution on the Outside, Revolution on the Inside from Mark Jenkinson on Vimeo.

I directed this film to help launch the new Audi R8 V10 Plus. Put your headphones one and turn up the volume!

Director Mark Jenkinson
Production Company Rogue Films
Producer Tom Farley
Dop Tom Townend
Agency BBH
Creatives Tom & Olly
Post Production The Mill
Shot on Arri Alexa with Master primes using Codex and Arri Raw.
Behind the scene still here -

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We’ve Just Come Across Something Huge!

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